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Zhuji Ciwu Chaoneng Electrical Equipment Factory

Our factory : Located in Zhuji city, zhejiang province, 50KM from xiaoshan airport and hangzhou east rail station, 3500 square meter, over 50 employees, annual sales exceed 3.0 Million dollars and export 70% of our products worldwide. 

Mainly products: 

1.Plastic pipe welding machine 

2.hydraulic test pump

3.Pipeline testing pump 

4.PE butt fusion welding machine 

5.Some hardware accessories     

Standard: ISO9001:2008 / GB4607.41-2005 

Products certificate:CE,ROHS 

Sales networking :Domestic,East/West Europe,Southeast Asia,North America,South America, Middle East ,African ect. 

Advantage : 15 years professional manufacturer ,At least 5% lower price at some quality ,Strong production ability ,Good after-sales service

Our purpose:As you wish,all we support

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  • Contactsdan qing(Mr.)    
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  • AreaAsia China
  • AddressHuangtong village, Ciwu town,Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province,China
  • Businessdanqingtools
  • Company TypeCo Ltd
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Company Size100 above
  • Registered Capital5000万MYR
  • Registered Year2006
  • Sell Goodsbutt welding machine
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